Activelook Eyewear Partnership Program

Program mission

ActiveLook Eyewear Partnership Program targets the deployment of ActiveLook technology on all glasses and head mounted products where ActiveLook technology really brings value: when it makes most sense for your user to access some mission critical information, while in action.

The Eyewear Partnership Program is open to brands sharing this ambition with us: solving real end-user problems while disrupting their day to day experience.

This document describes the various collaboration schemes available to deploy ActiveLook powered devices. It also details the branding and communication guidelines to be followed while marketing these products.

Collaboration Schemes

The program is open to a wide variety of collaboration schemes and we are eager to identify with you the one that best fits your particular case.

The possible schemes include :

  • Distribution agreement to deploy 'off the shelf' products such as the 'Engo Eyewear' (Microoled's own sports glass brand)
  • Re-branding or co-branding of existing glasses (ex: Engo - "YouBrand edition")
  • Creation of a new eyewear product leveraging on one of our product platforms (design variant of an existing eyewear)
  • Development of a new optical engine targetting promising use cases or market segments.

Our ability to open a given collaboration scheme is naturally conditionned by the corresponding business opportunity.

The program is open upon signature of the ActiveLook Brand License Agreement.

Contact us

Interested to discuss ActiveLook technology deployment? contact us by filling the contact form at the bottom of this page.

ActiveLook ecoystem branding

ActiveLook positions itself as, altogether, an ingredient brand, an ecosystem of inter-operable products and services, and an open protocol for smart devices to adress remote notification displays.

The business success of all involved partners, we believe, relies on the constitution of a strong and visible open ecosystem, where cooperation and competition balance each other in order to foster innovation, eventually targetting the delivery of the highest value for end-users.

This vision drives the definition of a few branding and communciation guidelines, applying to all ActiveLook-powered products.

These guidelines complement an equivalent set of requirements applying to applications and services adressing theses ActiveLook-powered glasses: Check here after the ActiveLook Application Certification Program.

ActiveLook product branding

On all ActiveLook-powered product, the technology brand shall be visible on the finished product, as shown below:

Illustration ActiveLook marking on one of the glass lenses

ActiveLook eyewear branding

'Powered by ActiveLook' badge

The below badge 'Powered by ActiveLook' demonstrates the integration of ActiveLook as a build-in technology powering the product. It shall be positionned on all visuals related to the eyewear product: package, point of sales, advertising, website etc.

ActiveLook technology branding badge

The badge shall be clearly readable. It may be used on a plain white or very clear background. It may also be used in its white version on a plain black or very dark background.

The "Powered by ActiveLook" badge minimum size adapts to the print / visual size. As a general rule, its height shall be same as the height of the largest word on the visual (your brand logo, typically).

Please check ActiveLook branding examples for more details & references.

Branding positioning

The "Powered by ActiveLook" badge shall be positionned in a visible manner on all prints and visuals presenting or promoting the eyewear product.

This includes:

  • The front face of the product package.
  • Prints and advertisings related to the product presentation or promotion: point of sales, advertising, flags etc.
  • Website : On the main presentation page of the product, "ActiveLook" should appear in the title of one of the website page sections (for ex.: the section dedicated to embedded technologies description). The badge should also be visible with same sizing guidelines as on the package.
  • On promotion videos: on videos >10sec, the 'powered by ActiveLook' badge should be integrated, full screen, still, on black background, for >= 2sec.

See some examples below.

Please check ActiveLook branding examples for more details & references.

ActiveLook badge positionning on product package

ActiveLook badge positionning on product package (2)
ActiveLook badge positionning on product web page
ActiveLook badge positionning on digital adds & videos

Please check ActiveLook branding examples for more details & references.

Online communication

The hashtag « #activelook » shall be added in the list of tags for all short messages, communications and ads on social networks, when the communication relates to the ActiveLook-powered product.

Mobile Application & service branding

Along with the eyewear product, you may introduce your own application or service pushing some specific content to the ActiveLook glasses. In this case, your application or service shall follow the ActiveLook Application Certification Plan (link) and corresponding guidelines.

Some specific branding guidelines and a particular badge "works with ActiveLook" are defined there.

In case the product branding guidelines conflict with Application branding guidelines (on website or advertisings for example), the Product branding guidelines (as shown on current page) should apply.

September 9, 2022

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