heARsight Inc. Announces Trial for its Speech To Text AR Application, Selects ActiveLook from MICROOLED for its Hardware Technology Platform

South Bend, IN, USA and Grenoble, FR, October 31, 2023—heARsight, a pioneer in accessibility technology that delivers real-time speech-to-text for delivery as subtitles for display through augmented reality (AR) glasses, has selected ActiveLook from MICROOLED, a leader in the manufacture of OLED micro-displays, to implement trials and deliver a cutting edge solution to the d/Deaf and hard of hearing community. By integrating ActiveLook with heARsight’s mobile applications, heARsight is set to redefine the way individuals who are d/Deaf or hard of hearing engage with the world around them.


heARsight’s applications provide real-time subtitles via Augmented Reality (“AR”) eyewear, to provide a transformative solution to individuals with hearing challenges. MICROOLED, develops cutting-edge, low-power and high brightness OLED micro-displays, as well as theActiveLook platform for “Light AR” application development. Together, heARsight and MICROOLED are poised to bring an unmatched level of performance to this breakthrough accessibility solution.


heARsight’s trial will leverage MICROOLED's ActiveLook technologies for low-power, high brightness, light weight, and long battery life AR solutions, with heARsight's real-time subtitle applications, to offer users with hearing limitations a new level of engagement in everyday activities, from social interactions to entertainment and professional settings. By enhancing access to spoken information, heARsight and MICROOLED aim to improve the quality of life ford/Deaf and hard of hearing people, and to promote inclusion and independence.


As part of the trial, heARsight will deliver its robust, user-friendly companion iOS andAndroid applications with ActiveLook-compatible eyewear to the first trial participants.Sourcing participants from a waitlist of more than 1300 members, heARsight will launch its beta test program in November.  MICROOLED’s ENGO Eyewear division will provide compatible connected eyewear.  


"Our mission is to remove barriers faced by individuals who have hearing difficulties,”noted Riley Ellingsen, Co-Founder and CEO of heARsight Inc., “Together with MICROOLED’s novel technology, we are ready to provide an unparalleled hearing assistive technology experience that empowers our users to fully engage with the world around them."


Eric Marcellin-Dibon, CEO of MICROOLED, added, “The chance to support heARsight’s mission is a very meaningful one, as it fully demonstrates that our ActiveLook platform for “LightAR” enables people to do things that are otherwise not easy, or not possible. Our ultra-efficient displays have many applications, but few are more important than enabling people to communicate and interact in natural, intuitive, and effective ways. As we like to say: Better, smarter, faster.”


The collaboration between heARsight and MICROOLED promises to revolutionize the accessibility landscape, redefine how individuals who are d/Deaf or hard of hearing experience the world, and demonstrate the potential of AR to create meaningful value in the everyday lives of many people.



About heARsight Inc.

heARsight Inc. is a venture-backed accessibility technology startup based in South Bend, Indiana that has developed applications to enhance the lives of individuals who are d/Deaf or hard of hearing. By pairing their software with AR glasses, heARsight provides real-time subtitles through a heads-up display, opening new avenuesfor accessibility, inclusion, and engagement.


Website: www.hearsight.net



MICROOLED specializes in the design and manufacture of OLED micro-displays for near-eye applications (outdoor optical equipment, night vision goggles, ocular equipment for medical devices, augmented reality glasses, etc.). MICROOLED is a key partner of the world's best technology integrators with a unique technology that combines high resolution, high brightness and low power consumption. MICROOLED is the leading player in Europe and number two worldwide in its historical markets. The company is now looking to extend its leadership in the sports market with ActiveLook®, its open platform of "Light AR" solutions.


Websites: www.microoled.net; www.activelook.net


For media inquiries or more information, please contact:

Riley Ellingsen : riley@hearsight.net

Jean-FrançoisKitten : jf@licencek.com

Thérèse-Marie Communal : tm.communal@licencek.com

Anna Azarova (ENG) : a.azarova@licencek.com


November 21, 2023

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