MICROOLED Announces ActiveLook Integration With the Cadence App to Revolutionize Running and Cycling Experience

Grenoble, France, and Chelan - WA, USA March 27th 2024 – Cadence, the innovative app for runners and cyclists is enabling compatibility with the ActiveLook “Light AR” technology from MICROOLED, theEuropean leader in the manufacture of OLED micro-displays, starting on March27th 2024. This integration will allow for a more interactive experience for both runners and cyclists, enabling them to access real-time data in their field of view without interrupting their focus or performance. ActiveLook is aheads-up display technology for connected eyewear combining low weight, low energy consumption and a very long battery life.


A New Era of Fitness

Cadence is a pioneer in the use of technology to elevate the training experience of their users. With the  integration of the ActiveLook technology, the endurance athletes' experience and how they interact with their workout metrics will be transformed  by having a wide range of data instantaneously.

Key metrics such as speed, distance, heart rate, power, and elevation gain will be projected directly onto the glasses' lenses. These metrics will be shown directly in the user's field of view, creating a more immersive and productive training experience, specifically for runners and cyclists without them having to disrupt their activity. This technology will enhance the safety of the users by allowing them to keep their eyes on the road or trail but also optimize their performance by providing real-time feedback.

Apple Watch Integration

Designed for EveryAthlete

The integration of ActiveLook with the Cadence is designed for any kind of runner or cyclist, from a casual runner to a seasoned marathoner. The lightest connected eyewear for outdoor sports to ever come to market, at only 36g and with a superior power efficiency, for up to 12hours of continuous use the ActiveLook glasses ensure a user-friendly experience for all levels of athletes. The lightness of the glasses is comparable to standard glasses and provides performance and comfort for extended, all-day use.

Athletes can easily connect their ActiveLook glasses to the Cadence app via Bluetooth, instantly unlocking a world of immersive workout data. This seamless connectivity paves the way for a more interactive and productive workout session, redefining what it means to be connected to your fitness journey.

For Eric Marcellin-Dibon, CEO of MICROOLED : “Our new partnership with Cadence marks a pivotal change in how athletes interact with their performance data. This collaboration will enhance the running experience, providing unparalleled efficiency for athletes striving to maximize their potential. This will redefine wearable display solutions for athletes.”


TheCadence app is available on the App store for free for the basic version, $2.99/mo or $19.99/yr for Cadence pro or for $5.99/mo or $39.99/y for Cadence Elite. ActiveLook’s connected glasses ENGO 2, compatible with Cadence, are available on engoeywear.com for 329€.


MICROOLED has developed a specific and free interface that promotes an entire ecosystem around glasses. The software is patented and is based on a Bluetooth LE (BLE)layer. This software makes it possible to transmit intelligence and information with a very low impact on consumption.


About Cadence

Cadence isa leading fitness app specializing in tracking and enhancing the running and cycling experience. With a focus on innovative technology and user-friendly design, Cadence empowers athletes worldwide to achieve their fitness goals.

For more information visit www.getcadence.app




MICROOLED specializes in the design and manufacture of OLED micro-displays for near-eye applications (outdoor optical equipment, night vision goggles, ocular equipment for medical devices, augmented reality glasses, etc.). MICROOLED is a key partner of the world's best technology integrators with a unique technology that combines high resolution, high brightness and low power consumption. MICROOLED is the leading player in Europe and number two worldwide in its historical markets. The company is now looking to extend its leadership in the sports market withActiveLook®, its open platform of "Light AR" solutions.


For more information visit www.microoled.net


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March 27, 2024

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