Press Release – ActiveLook head-up displays for motorcycle riders with Calimoto

Calimoto and Microoled join forces to bring the most innovative and safe HUD-based navigation experience to motorcycle riders

GRENOBLE, France, January 6, 2020 – Calimoto and Microoled today announced a collaborative partnership to offer Calimoto’s route planning and navigation services on Microoled’s unique, industry-leading ActiveLook SDK designed for smartglasses and helmets. The partnership marries the seamless compatibility of Calimoto’s route planning and navigation services with Microoled’s ActiveLook heads-up display SDK. Designed to take motorcycle riders through breathtaking landscapes, to beautiful viewpoints, and always on awesome roads, Calimoto’s motorcycle-specific navigation is already enhancing rides around the world. Microoled’s ActiveLook SDK promises a disruptive riding experience.
ActiveLook projects real-time, glanceable maps and information in front of the rider without ever obstructing their view, allowing them to keep their eyes on the road without missing a turn. This technology is designed to be packed into a helmet or stylish, lightweight pair of glasses, and has full hands-free operation.
With Calimoto’s mapping, motorcyclists can see upcoming turns, time and distance to destination, and danger zones (like speed cameras) while they ride. Getting started is simple: Just plan a route on Calimoto, then pair your phone with your ActiveLook-based glasses or helmet. Enjoy the best motorcycle navigation, displayed in the safest and most innovative way!
“We are thrilled to work with ActiveLook to bring motorcycle riding to the next level. Displaying turn-by-turn instructions and additional information directly on the ActiveLook HUD is a huge safety improvement and offers superior riding comfort by presenting important information directly in the driver’s line of sight.” – Hans-Joachim Allenfort, co-founder and CFO of Calimoto.
“ActiveLook is about bringing you the key information you need, while in action. Our technology already provides unobstructive, hands-free data for running and cycling in a stylish pair of sunglasses. Now, partnering with Calimoto, we can add riding a motorcycle to that list. This partnership keeps the rider’s eyes on the road while displaying the maps and data they need, without ever obstructing their vision. ActiveLook’s energy efficiency, high brightness, minimal form factor, and open platform eventually makes this all possible” – Marc Vernet, HUD & extended reality Business Line at Microoled.

About Calimoto

Calimoto is an all-in-one motorcycle app that maximizes all aspects of riding as a lifestyle, recreational and social experience. It addresses the desire of discovering remote, motorcycle-friendly roads, provides a cost-efficient navigation solution and works as a networking platform.
With its unique Winding Roads Algorithm, the app plans routes with the most curvy and scenic roads making each ride a thrilling experience! Trips can be rated and shared within the community which helps other motorcyclists find the best rides locally or worldwide.

About Microoled

Microoled manufactures and delivers high performance Near-Eye Displays (NED) for a wide range of products, such as video glasses, head-mounted sports devices, camera viewfinders, medical applications and many other professional devices worldwide.
Thanks to its unique technology, the company offers high efficiency AMOLED micro-displays with extremely sharp images even in extreme bright light conditions, with a drastic reduction of energy consumption. It has also introduced to the market ActiveLook, a head-up display solution designed for providing information in action enabled by the unique high brightness and low energy display produced by Microoled.
Since its early days the company is part of the micro and nanotechnology hub of Grenoble, France, where it benefits from belonging to a top level technological environment for its development and manufacturing activities.

July 29, 2021

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