Some Updates from the Dev Team

Certify your Application

This link takes you to our official ActiveLook Certification Plan. If you're certified and you'd like your app to be featured in our ActiveLook catalog, just reach out via email at If it's a good fit, then we'll promote it on our channels and through our community.

Eyewear Firmware Updates

As of September, we've implemented a new disconnection screen. Now, you'll see what we refer to as "dancing dots" when the app is no longer connected, and the reconnection process is seamless. We also now support image compression, (GitHub documentation here).

New Development ToolsWe now have a configuration file builder available! Just generate your graphic asset file and upload it to your eyewear via USB or, when available, BLE. Access it on GitHub here or via the Developer's page on our website here.

January 18, 2023

Other News